Address:1 Budaghyan St, Yerevan 0014, Armenia
Tel.:+374 10 234900
Fax.:+374 10 230052
email:[email protected]
Working hours:Mon.-Fri. 09:15-13:00

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Herewith you 'll find some informationabout iran Embassy in Yerevan.
1- I haven't been able to contact the embassy by e.mail because the official e.mail address that you can find in all websites is not good.
I contacted the embassy by phone at the following number:
00374 234900
and by fax at the following number: 00374 230052
2- Opening hour: morning 9 - 13 from Monday to Friday.
3- Visa fee: 50 euro for a 30 days visa that you have to pay at Mellat Bank in situated in the other part of the city.
4- Visa application Form: easy to fill.
5- Needed documents: passport (of course), one copy of code authorization Ministry letter, one passport copy, one photo (covered head for women), receipt of payment fee and ABSOLUTELY YOU NEED A TRAVEL INSURANCE. I hadn't it but luckily, the embassy employee told me that I could buy it at VIVACELL in Komitas Poghots just 200 hundreds meters far from the embassy. I paid for it 6600 dram (13 euros). Affordable! 6- Waiting time: Visa is realesed the following day.
Angela (Italian)
Oct. 2011
Iranian Consulate, Yerevan, Armeina
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