IRANIAN consulate, Vienna, Austria

Address:Jaurèsgasse 9, 1030 Wien, Austria
Tel.:+431 7122657-121
Fax.:+43 1 7135733
email:[email protected]
Working hours:Mon.-Fri. 08:30-12:00

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I did’t have an experience with the Iranian Embassy in Vienna, because a Visa Agency made it for me. The agency was very quick in collecting my Visa from the embassy in Vienna. Within 7 working days, I had my passport with the visa back. A picture of myself, the passport, the visa application form, the reference number and 60 Euros were enough to get the Iranian Visa for a duration of 30 days.
Martin (Austrian)
Sep. 2011
I am willing to share my experiences to make it easier (or at least more understandable) for others to get an Iranian visa in Austria. I really appreciate the help you offered, your quick responses and straightforward instructions. Thanks.
So here is my story:
Before I even got into contact with you I've been trying to reach the Iranian embassy in Vienna. It turned out to be not an easy task. I sent them emails which nobody ever answered and tried to reach them on the phone - but nobody ever picked it up. So I read about your service in Lonely Planet and thought - well, let's give it a try if it makes things easier.
After I received the authorization code on 13th of july I tried again to reach the embassy in Vienna. Email - no response so i called them again - and got a very friendly lady on the phone. She told me, that there was no need to make an appointment and that I should come to the embassy during their opening hours (see below). I told her that I'll be there on the 26th of july.
I went there at 9 o'clock in the morning for I thought it might take some time. I took the authorization code with me, passport of course, a passport-size picture and the filled in visa application form (see attachment). To be on the safe side I took everything with me that is mentioned on the website of the embassy (see below).
There were about 10 people in the embassy - 2 Austrians, the rest Iranians. First I worried if I should have worn a scarf, but nobody said something because of the lack of it, although the Iranians shot some curious but not unfriendly glances. After about 15 minutes of waiting it was my turn in the row at the counter where it said "visa".
A very friendly man who spoke really good German was there. I gave him the code and the other things. I paid 62 euro by cash card (this is required - they don't accept cash it says on the website).
After a few minutes he told me, that I could pick up my passport on the 10th of august. I have been hoping that I could pick it up the next day for I couldn't come to Vienna again in august. The man told me, that they could send my passport back by mail. So I filled in an envelope with my address and paid another 10 euro for the postage fee (which is too expensive - usually it costs about 3 euro - but I didn't want to argue). I paid in cash - in that case it didn't seem to be a problem...
The man asked me when I planned to go to Iran - he checked if the visa would still be valid at the time to avoid me travelling to the country or being there with an invalid visa. He also made sure, that I would call again if my passport didn't arrive on time. I must say that he was really anxious to help me as good as he could.
After half an hour I left the embassy again, the friendly Iranian customers wishing me a good travel and a lot of fun in their country which was really nice for me.
On the 10th of august my passport arrived in the mail - with the visa. Everything worked out just fine.
So, summing up: if you have an authorization code it's not a big issue to get your visa in Vienna. But it's important to make sure that you have at least one month of time ahead before you want to start your travel. DON'T send them emails - nobody will answer you anyway, despite them having this nice fill-in-form on their website. It takes some attempts and some luck to reach them on the phone but the staff there is really friendly and speaks good German. I'd recommend to go there personally if you have the chance to.
Also they have a good website where you can find all the required information about your visa collection. Important: the website is available in Farsi, German and English - use the English one for it contains more information than the German one!
I hope I could help you with this report, thanks again for your help, and please check out the information about the embassy below,
address: Jauresgasse 9, 1030 Vienna, Austria
phone: +43 (0) 1 7122657
fax: +43 (0) 1 7135733
email: [email protected]

opening hours: monday, tuesday, thursday, friday: 9 AM to 12:30 AM
wendesday: 9 AM to 12 AM and 2 PM to 4 PM

Things you need to take with you for visa collection:
1- completed visa application form.
2- The applicant’s passport; which must be valid for at least 6 months, with a minimum of one blank pages.
3- Copy of Passport (ID-page).
4 - One current photographs in passport format (3 x 4).
5- Visa fee; paid by Banker’s Draft made payable to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Note : Payment in cash is not acceptable.
6- Return envelop with address and adequate prepaid postage to cover cost of registered mail.
• The Consular section may call the applicant for interview, if it is necessary
Marena (Austrian)
Aug. 2011
Most of the information (address, opening time) can be found in the website of the Iranian embassy in Vienna:
The details for the tourist visa application are available in:
the tourist visa cost are € 60, it will take about a week to get the visa. You do not need a return envelope, you can pick up the passport after one week at the embassy. It is an easy and straightforward procedure.
Johann (Austrian)
Jul. 2011
Iranian Consulate, Vienna, Austria
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