Address:Calle de Jerez, 5, 28016 Madrid, Spain
Tel.:+34 913450112~3
Fax.:+34 913450116
email:[email protected]
Working hours:9:00-12:30
Closed on Sat., Sun. & Holidays

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it was really good in all just as I had to travel from 500 km so i arrived in embassy at 8 o clock but my time to submit visa was 10 o clock and I had to wait just the security guard was very rude but I didn't have to speak to him a lot. later when I enter it was good I just told them that I came from a little bit faraway so they respected it and after 2 hours i had my visa on passport and i paid 50 euro in all i say was good.. thanks
Aamir (Pakistani)
Aug. 2011
That's all the information I have:
Embassy website:

Calle de Jerez, 5
28016 Madrid, España

Working Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:00 to 16:30

(+34) 913450112
Fax: (+34) 913450112

Required documents for a tourist visa:

·Passport, valid at least for six months.
·Completed visa application form.
·2 passport size color photographs (ladies are not requested to wear hijab in the photographs).
·Original receipt (no copies) of the fee payment. For tourist visas, 50€ (not 60€ as it can be found in their website) must be paid in the account number 0128 0010 90 0160004785 of Bankinter bank (it is a different account number to the one that appears in their website information).
· Visa authorization code (though it is not mentioned anywhere).

If you call to the embassy asking for information about the visa, they give you a contact phone number of an agency which arranges visas, but there is no problem if you obtain your authoritzation visa number through any other company such as
When we called, we were told that it is not possible to send your documents by mail. Someone (not necessarily the applicant) must bring the applicant's passport to the embassy on Monday from 10:00 to 12:00, and then collect the visa on Friday at the same time (When we called, they told us that the procedure lasted around 10 or 12 days, however, we obtained our visa on the same week, in just 4 days).
Marc (Spanish)
Aug. 2011
Iranian Embassy, Madrid, Spain
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