Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Address:50 Kensington Court, London W8 5DB, United Kingdom
Tel.:+44 20 72253000
Fax.:+44 20 79381615
email:[email protected]
Working hours:Mon./Wed./Fri. (14:00-16:00)

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This consulate is now reopened for the issue of visas. (25 Mar. 2016)

The Iranian consulate in London is now open for issuing visas. You can now select the consulate in London for visa collection. Logo
25 Mar. 2016
After the closure of the Iranian consulate in London in Nov. 2011., the Iranian consulate in Dublin accepts visa applications from residents in the UK by post or in person.
Those who wish to process their applications by post, need to send the following documents by post :
- Completed paper application form (London Consulate's application form is acceptable)
- Passport Size photo
- Cover letter mentioning the visa authorization code
- Self addressed pre-paid envelope or enough funds (only in EUR) for return postage
- Visa stamp fee (only in EUR). You can see the correct visa stamp fee for different nationalities on This can be put in cash in the envelope.

Passports will be returned with the visas in 3-7 days. You can track the applications by calling the consular section at the Iranian embassy in Dublin on +353-1-2880252.
No finger-print in needed for visa collection from the Iranian consulate in Dublin. (even for British passport holders) Logo
Jan. 2012
We used the consulate at 50 Kensington Court, London. They told us that it's no longer mandatory for British citizens to go to the embassy for fingerprinting- apparently the process can be completed wholly by post again. However, we went to the consulate anyway, and we weren't fingerprinted. We needed our passports, 1 passport photo, the application form, a stamped addressed envelope to our home addresses and the fee (payable by card only). We didn't need the code as they obtained it from the computer but I would advise others take it anyway. We arrived at 12pm and were attended to promptly, given a ticket and told to come back at 1pm to hand in our documents. Then we had to wait for about 15 minutes before we were attended to. I'm afraid I don't have a copy of the application form, but we found it quite straightforward. The visa fee was £128 - so it has risen quite a lot from the amount quoted on your website. We received our passports with visas 5 days after applying. I hope this is useful.
Carl (British)
Aug. 2011
My experience with Iranian consulates:
Embassy: 16 Prince’s Gate London SW7 1PT

Consulate: 50 Kensington Court London W8 5DB

I got my visa from the consulate in London. Most of the information I needed was on the embassy web site. E-mail address, telephone numbers, opening times and visa fees. However some of the information was either contradictory or difficult to find. But e-mails and telephone conversations with the consulate would clarify these questions.

This is the link I used to get to the web-sight
0207 225 3000
This is the contact number I used for visa related inquiries and you can reach them between the hours of 11 o’clock and 12 o’clock week days, however the line is mostly busy so much patience is needed.

Visa fee:
I paid £128:00 for the 20 day visa. I was anticipating to pay £86.00, which is the price that was stated on the website. The price has now gone up. This price was also difficult to find on the English section of the website.
After sending my passport, a photo, the completed R1 and R2 application forms, and my credit card details I was able to go to the London consulate and pick up the visa. I went to the consulate at 9 o’clock, to be told to return at 1 o’clock, which was when the visa section is open. I took a number and waited for my turn to speak to the man. He then gave me my passport with my visa inside.
The people I spoke to at the consulate were helpful and smiled. Overall the process to get my visa was pretty straight forward it just took a long time.
I hope this is of some use to you.
Max (British)
Aug. 2011
I have previously applied to the embassy in London so this time I completed the application form by post. The embassy in London website has the application form R1-2 which I sent recorded delivery with my passport, enclosed bank details for payment, tourist visa is £128 single entry, a passport photograph (wearing hejab) and a self-addressed prepaid return envelope. This was returned within a week but can take about 3 weeks.
The first time you get a visa you need to go to the embassy and book an appointment time which is usually within the next two weeks. Then at the appointment you need photos, passport, payment and you have finger prints taken. You can either collect you passport and visa 3weeks later or leave a prepaid envelope and it will be sent to you. Open hours are on the website and do change, currently monday to Friday 12.30- 4.00
Tasha (British)
Jul. 2011
Iranian Consulate, London, UK
Iranian Consulate in London
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