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Excellent service which made the process very easy in the end. A real boon considering the need to get a travel authorization code befor a visa application can be processed. I wish I had known about the service earlier. The Canberra based Iranian Embassy\'s website makes no mention of the need to get a travel authorization code (as at Dec 08)which could be misleading. The visa process itself went smoothly.
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David W.
Australian, collected the visa in Canberra
The visa section of the embassy is found round the back of the embassy on Liangmahe lu. It is open for applications on Monday 9-12 only for four day processing (but possibly also on Tuesday for eight day processing although we didn't try this out). You collect two copies of the application form from the desk and submit these with two photos. We also gave a copy of the email that you had sent us with our reference number on. This seemed to ease the process in comparison with other people applying. Visas should be ready for collection on Thursday 9-12. It cost us 1140RMB ($157) each as British nationals for the 4 day processing, which was payable at the CITIC bank in the Capital Mansions building on Sanlitun lu. Go out of the embassy, across the bridge and it is on the left. You need to show the bank staff your passport. I don't know what the price is for other nationalities, but the Chinese applicants paid 750RMB ($100) each. Originally the embassy told us to pay 950RMB, however when we came to collect the visa they asked us to pay a further 285RMB each for the express processing, which was later reduced to 190RMB and the difference refunded to us.
  There was also some confusion about when we could collect the visa. As said above, we were originally told to collect it on Thursday morning, however when we arrived at 9 we were told that it wouldn't be ready until the afternoon. Shortly later they told us to wait in the embassy, and about an hour later we received our visas without further problems.
I don't think that it is necessary for women to have their head covered when visiting the embassy or in the photos that you submit, as none of the Chinese women did. However I did (in both cases) and I think that this may have helped us receive our visas that morning rather than waiting a little longer.
I hope this information is of help to other travelers.
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Ruth & Jack F.
British, collected the visa in Beijing
The services provides worked perfectly for us.
  We didn't have to travel to embassy to apply for visa and since the embassy in charge of Slovenian residents is in Vienna (in Zagreb they told us they can\'t process personal applications?) that meant a lot to us (and I reckon it was cheaper from traveling to Vienna, which you must do at least twice if you want to apply for visa yourself).
We got our authorization codes from Hamid in about a week and some days later we contacted the embassy in Zagreb where they confirmed that they have received the letter from MFA in Iran. The guy on the phone in Zagreb misinformed us about their working time (i do believe unintentionally), which according to him was until 16:00 (which is actually true, but consular hours end at 12:00). We arrived in Zagreb on Friday around two o\'clock and realized our mistake. Nevertheless, the officials at the embassy didn't send us away. We filled out forms and gave our passports and photos to the consul. They sent us to the bank to pay for the visas (by the way, we were only able to make payments in euros in Zagrebcka banka on the main square) and told us that the consul will probably not be able to make visas on this day (we didn't really count on that). Two hours later, when we returned from the bank with receipts, the visas were - to our great amazement - all ready and done.
I must again commend the personnel at the embassy for their kindness. Embassy data: the same as stated on this page under Consulates link.
Visa fee (august 2007): 38,00 EUR per person + bank tax (about 4 EUR) Consular hours: MON-FRI, 9:00-12:00 - i am sure they will make visa ASAP but don\'t count on the same luck we had. It may take 2 or 3 days.
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Slovenian, collected the visa in Zagreb
The service was excellent. I found it very reassuring, that the information on the site seemed to be up to date, while the information on other sites was not.
I also found it reassuring that Hamid promptly replied to all email queries, because applying for an Iranian visa is very confusing. 
It was very convenient to be able to carry the entire process over the internet.
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Mary M.
Irish, collected the visa in Berlin
Perfect... with the number i got the visa very quickly in the consulate in Germany... always very quick to answer my questions as well.
very efficient... just left the passport, asked for \"express\" and got it at home next day per post
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Emiliano M.
Argentinian, collected the visa in Frankfurt
NEW ADDRESS OF THE CONSULATE: Room 2402, 24 Floor, Office Tower, Convention Plaza, No. 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong USEFULL WEBSITE:
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Henry R.
Chilean, collected the visa in Hong Kong
To get a visa is with the service from iranianvisa pretty easy. It is clearly written in a few steps what is to do. To pick up the visa was no problem, within 2 days i got it! Good work!!
A map of the embassies would be nice...
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Daniel T.
Swiss, collected the visa in Athens
I am very happy with the support I received from Iranian Visa. I applied through urgent process because I\'m Canadian and received my visa authorization in about a week.  The embassy I was picking up my visa from was in Dublin. The lady there had didn't seem to know what kind of agency service I was talking about, and the guy who would know wasn't there that day. I was told to ring the following day only to discover they were closed. The day after that the right guy still wasn't there, but the following morning my visa was ready for pick up, and it was for 28 days. I suspect that I was just unlucky this time so I wouldn't necessarily think the Dublin embassy was bad. So aside from just a bit of stress, no complaints!
  Thank you for providing this service! Will spread the word!
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Katherine M.
Canadian, collected the visa in Dublin
Helpful and polite. 2 weeks to get the authorization code. I sent my passport to an agency in Rome (Intelsevizi) which applied for the visa at the embassy. It took one week for the visa (Euro 60,00) and then few days to have my passport back by mail.
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 Sara D. M. 
Italian, collected the visa in Rome
I collected a visa in Almaty. The Iranian officer at the embassy is very kind . And I spent only 2 days to collect a visa.I satisfied though they issued 21 day tourist visa. But I think it can be extended in Iran if I want to stay more. They are working from Monday to Frinday(09:30~12:30) and visa fee is 45 us Dollar.
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Gun Ho K.
Korean, collected the visa in Almaty
Your service is really excellent and professional! Always a very quick reply and we received our code within the 10 days. We arranged the payment via our friends in Iran, so I don\'t know how the normal money transfer works. Thank you Hamid!
You can't reach The embassy in The Hague, neither by mail, telephone etc. The opening hours are 2.00 till 4.30 p.m. We had to pay 24 euros extra per visa in case we wanted to take the visa straight home.
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Mariette M.
Dutch, collected the visa in The Hague
Quick responses to emails. It would be nice to have some "hints" about places/length of time to apply for that would be likely to be accepted. Peshawar consulate - very helpful staff, must arrive 9am to start process: Fill out forms (x2)
Provide photocopy of data page and local visa (Pakistan) x2 - photocopier around corner from embassy Passport photos (x3) Pay fee (9918 - same day, 8216 - 3 days (Friday is holiday) Pakistan rupees) at local bank Have interview (10 mins, confirm info on form) Perform blood test (1 hour - 600 rupees), round the corner from embassy Collect passport with visa (finished 1230)
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Ian S.
British, collected the visa in Peshavar
Through the entire procedure of the visa application, - and in particular Mr. Hamid - was very, very helpful, answering any inquiry in the process immediately. Regarding the embassy issuing the visa, Mr.Ali from the embassy in Manila, Philippines, was likewise very accommodating and made it sure that I got the visa within 2 days. Please keep up the good work and thank you very much again!
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Manfred H. L.
German, collected the visa in Manila
At the end of the day, I managed to obtain my visa only just in time for my flight, having started the process two months earlier.  After one month I contacted to enquire if they had forgotten me.  They replied promptly that the process was in hand.
Keep the applicant informed frequently as to the processing of the visa and give some indication of the time involved in obtaining the authorization code. After receipt of the authorization code, the experience at the embassy was fine and they took only 3 days to issue the visa.
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Noreen P. W. 
British, collected the visa in Doha
It seemed to be difficult to transmit the passport copy by mail; and we could not figure out why. So we lost some significant time. Apart from this, works very fine- I collected the visa in Bern, Switzerland, on a Friday. They were open from 09:00-12:30, at least on that Friday. Arriving at 10:00 and handing in the documents (passport, application form, 2 passports my \'permis de sejour\', as I am not a Swiss national), I could collect the visa at 11:45. Staff was extremely friendly, and I received some info material about Iran. Costs were at 98 CHF.
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George R.
German, collected the visa in Bern
The application with the IranianVisa took some times. But it was due to the Iranian day off and not to IranianVisa itself. After getting the Authorization Code, the visa application was very quick.  My wife (German) and me (French) could get the visa within one day in Ankara (application in the morning 8:30-12:00 and pick-up in the afternoon 15:00). Please note: I didn't need to give my finger-print (even if the Ministry of Foreign Affaires in France tells so). And I could apply for me and for my wife together.
The consulate in Istanbul give more useful information than in Ankara. But, if you are there: the Iranian officers were very nice and kind. I think it worth to do the visa application via IranianVisa!
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Antoine D.
French, collected the visa in Ankara
In general OK, but it took more days than stated for an emergency procedure. Official hours:
Monday to Wednesday and Saturday (Friday and Sunday closed), 0830 to 1230 and 1430 to 1630 The staff is very helpful, visa was issued right in the morning after getting the paperwork done at 1700 in afternoon.
Visa stamp fee for the citizens of Slovenia is 34 EUR.
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Gasper S.
Slovenian, collected the visa in Erzurum
The service was always efficient and whenever I had a question I was emailed a response within 24hrs. I received the authorization code within the stated time frame.  The consulate in Iran was easy to deal with. I showed up early (the opening times are 8.30 - 11.30) and waited for the consulate people to put some posters of Iran up in there office for about half an hour!  I was given an application form which I was to fill out and instructions to make a copy of both sides of the application form, a copy of the photo page in my passport and a copy of the Turkish entry stamp. I did all this at the copy shope down the road for a very small fee.
I was also given a slip to make the payment at the bank over the road which was straight forward but I had to pay cash as they did not want to take my debit card.
Having completed that the Consulate said to return the next day at 10 to pick up my visa which I did with no hassles.  So all in all very straight forward.
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James B. L.
New Zealander, collected the visa in Istanbul
Very good helpful service. I'm always scheptical about online applications but nothing to worry about here. You guys delivered! I approached the Iranian Embassy in Trabzon today, filled out the application form and was issued the visa on the spot. (after making a straightforward deposit of the appropriate fee (60 Euro) into a nearby bank).
The Staff was friendly and helpful and commented 'It takes 3 minutes, not 3 days'.
New Zealand Flag
Graham B.
New Zealander, collected the visa in Trabozan
Great stuff, thanks for smoothing it all out for me, and for adapting to my changing plans so helpfully. 
No problems with the consulate. Make your application in the morning, pay the fee at a particular bank about 10 mins. walk away, and return the receipt. Visa is ready to pick up the next day.
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Michael M.
Australian, collected the visa in Ashgabat
Used for the authorisation code. I filled in forms before Christmas and got the code just before New Year!
UK flag
Steve N.
British, collected the visa in London
Visa application only made possible with assistance from \'iranianvisa\'. Due to my late arrangements and some last-minute delays due Eid holidays at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and availability of Consul at the Embassy the visa was issued at the eleventh hour.Visa application only made possible with assistance from \'iranianvisa\'.
Due to my late arrangements and some last-minute delays due Eid holidays at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and availability of Consul at the Embassy the visa was issued at the eleventh hour.
Australian Flag
Alexander H.
Australian, collected the visa in Canberra
Getting the code took little longer than stated on the website, but was no problem for me as I visited some other countries in between. I paid directly at the Istanbul bank in Turkey, this worked ok for me.
  After I got the code, I went to the embassy in Erzerum, Turkey and after filling in a form and make the payment I could pick up the visa the next working day. Perfect. I am now in Iran, and I'm really enjoying this beautiful and fascinating country!
Netherlands Flag
Martijn M.
Dutch, collected the visa in Erzurum
I found the process very easy and e-mail communication very quick. However it took much more than 10 working days and was getting worried about not receiving any feedback after that long time. But I understand that you have nothing to do with the delay, it is because of the MFA process, but i must admit i was beginning to think i will not have the visa and never hear from you again! Thank you again for everything, i will tell other travelers about your website if they want to go to Iran!The address is the same (as on, hours are 8.30 to 11.00 from Monday to Friday.
You need to fill one form in double, 2 passport pictures, and one photocopy each of your passport page and Turkish visa page. There is a photocopy shop very close. Visa fee for Canadians is 45 euros, but it is cheaper for Europeans. You need to pay the money in the bank across the street. You leave your passport with the documents and get it back the next day with the visa in it.
Canada flag
Rafik D.
Canadian, collected the visa in Istanbul
I am very happy about the services of Everything got sorted out quickly. Highly recommended. Pall Arnason, Iceland I collected my visa from the london consulate, Kensington court 50 London.
That is in a different location than the Iran embassy, knightsbridge. If you go to the Iran embassy they will give you a piece of paper with directions to the consulate that is very helpful. walking distance 20 min. The Iranian consulate accepts applications Mon-Fri 12:30-15:30. It is better to show up around 12:30 in order to get the visa issued quickly. I picked up my visa the next day at 16:00.
  Though normally you collect it between 10:00 and 12:00. To recap: It took 2 days to issue the visa.
Visa fee for Icelandic national is 11 British pounds. I was issued a 30 day tourist visa ( single entry)
Iceland Flag
Pall A.
Icelandic, collected the visa in London
It was very professional and timely. Thank you IranianVisa!
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Chor L.
Australian, collected the visa in London
I waited a week to collect a visa in Beijing, but due to delay of transmission the authorization code to the embassy I gave it up.
You resend the approval again. So I collected visa without any problem Thank you very much!
I waited a week to get a visa in Beijing, but the embassy didn't receive the approval. (the embassy in Beijing's working hour is just Monday and Tuesday, from 9 to 12 o'clock, when you apply for a visa in Monday and you can collect a visa in Thursday. But if you apply for in Tuesday then you\'ll collect a visa in next week's Thursday.) So I gave it up and asked for to resend the authorization number to the embassy in Almaty. 
Korean Flag
Gun Ho K.
Korean, collected the visa in Beijing
I got the visa in 2-3 weeks. It was longer than it suppose to be but I could wait.
I decided to pick up the visa in Erzurum Turkey where I had to pay 75 Euros for a stamp. I received the visa for as long as I had applied. Visa office works on Saturdays.
Polish Flag
Barstosz I.
Polish, collected the visa in Erzurum
The service was quick (around 10 days) and the authorization code was sent properly to the consulate in Istanbul. I am totally satisfied.
The process was quick and straightforward. It took us 1 day only and the fee for Vietnamese citizen was 40 Euros per person. Working hours are 8.30 - 11.30 AM. You need to fill the form. then go to the copy shop nearby to photocopy your documents and go to a bank across the street to pay the fee into their account. It will take around 40 minutes. So dont come too late. Bring 02 passport photos.
Vietnam Flag
Nguyen A.
Vietnamese, collected the visa in Istanbul
I applied for the visa on 18 Sept and received the code on 22 Oct. Process took longer than usual due to Ramadan and embassy closures. It would be helpful if there were more realistic estimated on the webiste of the time that visa application takes. (The website says 7-10 business days, mine took over 20). Very good value for money. Staff were helpful and knowledgeable when phoned. Thank you very much ! For UK, I joined the queue at the Iranian consulate (50 Kensington Court) at 11.45am with photos, number and completed form. I had phoned before to check that they had received the application approval from Tehran. The doors opened at 12.30 and I left at 12.45. I had to return at 4pm to collect the passport with visa stamp. Cost was ~ £88 (I paid a little extra to get the passport back on the same day). Staff were polite.
UK flag
Michael T.
British, collected the visa in London
Made my life easy! Once i got the code, the embassy issued visa within a couple of hours. What more can it say?
I went directly to the consulate in Canberra. Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 930-1300. Very friendly and helpful. I paid by Credit Card (one can also pay by EFTPOS). I got the Visa within 2 hrs on arrival. Stamp fee is $86.
UK flag
Amit K.
Australian, collected the visa in Canberra
Quick answering to my email questions, no problem getting my VISA. I got my code in 14 days and my VISA in 4 days at the consulate in Rome. Good service! Consular fee was 64 euros (Rome).
Italian Flag
Christian V.
Italian, collected the visa in Rome
Great that we still got helped quite quickly even with Ramadan  Embassy's Working hours 9-12, fee Euro 60. we received our visa within a few hour.
Netherlands Flag
Elizabeth S.
Dutch, collected the visa in Ankara
We are on a Tour around the world and therefore forced to ask for visas in foreign countries. So we asked in Turkey for the Iranian Visas. Hamid and his Staff worked like professionals, the website is simple and a few steps explains what\'s to do. We got with Hamid's support, the application Receipt nummber and the Visas as promised at the Iranian Consulate in Erzerum. The people there were also very kindly and helpful and we picked the visas in only one day up. Thanks a lot! We are very happy about the service of Many thanks and best regards
Swiss Flag
Karl. & Ulla R.
Swiss, collected the visa in Erzurum
I asked for the application code on 6/08/2007 and got the visa code on 23/08/2007 The collection process in Istanbul took only 1 day
Belgian Flag
Pieter M.
Belgian, collected the visa in Istanbul
I tried to get an Iranian visa in December but at that time could only find travel agents that charged more than the price of a flight to arrange the visa. When I tried again in May I found They did everything they said they would very quickly and efficiently and I got my visa with no problems and little expense. I will definitely use them again. The service is brilliant and I cannot think of any way it can be improved. Please keep it going and don't put up the price. Khaley mamnoon!
UK flag
Samantha H.
British, collected the visa in London
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