Title Name Date Organizer
Iran Green Trade Fair  IGTF 2019  11-13 April 2019
The Environment  Exhibition   12-14 April 2019

The 2nd Int’l Exhibition of Iran Jobex JOBEX 2019
 Exchange, Bank, Insurance Exhibition FINEX
 Iran Beauty And Clean   Iran Beauty & Clean
 The Int’l Exhibition of Rail Transportation RailExpo 9-12 June 2019
 Iran Health International Exhibition IRANHEALTH
 Innovation And Technology Exhibition  INOTEX 2019
 The Exhibition of Food, Food Technology and Agriculture IRAN AGROFOOD 2019 30 June-3 July 2019
 Exhibition Of Ceramic Tile & Sanitary ware Portal  CERAFAIR
Kitchen,Bath, Sauna,Pool Exhibition  TITEX 2019 10-13 July 2019
Woodworking Events WorldWide  MEDEX 2019 20 June – 2 July 2019
The Doors & Windows Technology Int’l Exhibition Dowin Tech 2019  9-12 July 2019
The Int’l Exhibition of Sport, Sporting tools and Equipment  SPORTEX 2019
 Iran Stone Exhibition IRSE 2019
 The 25th Iran International Electronic, Computer & E-Commerce Exhibition ELECOMP 2019 18 – 21 July 2019
 Iran International SMEs Fair SMEIran
Exhibition of Building and Construction Industry  IRAN CONFAIR 28-31 July 2019
 The 2nd International Exhibition of paper.cardboard cellulose Products and Related Machinery  PCCM 6-9 August  2019
 International Exhibition of Home Furniture HOMEX 2019
 The International Exhibition of Poultry,Livestock & Related Industry IRANPLEX   15-18 August  2019  /
International Exhibition of Mother, Baby and Child MBC
 International Persian Handmade Carpet Exhibition 25-31 August  2019
 National Exhibition of Handcrats
 Floor Covering, Moquette , Machine Made Carpet Exhibition 13-16 September 2019
 Iran International Confectionery Fair
 International Flour and Bakery Industry Exhibition IBEX 2019
 International Exhibition of Plastic Rubber,Machinery and Equipment  IRANPLAST 2019  21-24 September 2019
 Iran International Fuelex  Exhibition
Water and Waste Water Exhibition Watex 2019
 The Int’l Exhibition of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Innovative CIT solutions TELECOM 2019 30 SEP-3 OCT 2019
The International Exhibition of Transportation and Urban Services  ITUF 2019
Tehran Health, Safety, Environment, Firefighting & Rescue Exhibition  HSE IRAN 10-13 October 2019
Tehran International Industry Exhibition TIIE
Safety And Security Exhibitions Organizer And Executive
 The Iran International Electricity Exhibition IEE 2019
 The International Nanotechnology  Exhibition  IRAN NANO 2019
 The Fisheries Industry Exhibition IEEX 2019
THE 6TH Exhibition of Bag,Footwear, Leather and Related Industry  21-24 October 2019
 Iran Installation Hvac& R Exhibition HVAC & R
International Exhibition of Mine, Mining , Construction Machinery & Related Industry IRAN CONMIN 31 Oct -3 Nov 2019
Iran International Electricity Exhibition ELECSHOW
The International Laser and Photonics Exhibition 9-12 November 2019
 International Exhibition of Household Appliances  19-22 November 2019
International Exhibition of Nuts,Dried Fruits and Related Industries IRAN NUTEX
 Iran International Meat Exhibition MEATEX
 Exhibition of Metallurgy 29 Nov -2 Sep
Int’l Exhibition of Textile Machinery, Raw Materials, Home Textiles,Embroidery Machines & Textile Products IRANTEX 2019 
 International Paint , Resin,Coating Composites & Plating Industries Fair  IPCC 2019 8-11 December 2019
Pack & Print Machinery Exhibition Pack and Print 13-16 December 2019
International Exhibition Of Advertising & Marketing and Related Industries 17-20 December 2019
Laboratory Equipment and Chemical Exhibition IRAN LAB
Int’l Exhibition of Hospital Building , Infrastructure, Installation Equipment and Related Industry HOSPITEX
Exhibition of Research and Technological Achievements
 International Exhibition of Goods,Services , Store Equipment & Chain Stores 26-29 December 2019
 Exhibition of Chandeliers & Decorative Lights
 International FRANCHISE Exhibition & Conference  IFEC 2019
 Exhibition of Industrial, Mineral, Commercial and Cultural Capabilities of the Provinces in Tehran   4-7 January 2019
 Sixth Native Cyber and Biotechnology Exhibition
 International Exhibition Of Agriculture IRAN AGRISHOW  14-17 January 2020
 The Int’l Exhibition Of Midex MIDEX 2020
The Int’l Exhibition of Bitumen, Asphalt, Insulation & Related Machinery  BAIEX
 The Int’l Exhibition of Office Furniture
  The Int’l Exhibition of Elevators , Industries and Related  IRAN LIFTEX 2020  23-26 January 2020
 The Int’l Exhibition of Accessories , Machinery & Wood Equipment and Related Industries 2-5 Feb 2020
 The Int’l Exhibition of Airport, Airplane,Flight Industries & Related Equipment  AIRPORT SHOW 2020
 The Int’l Exhibition of Glass Equipment and Machinery Affiliated IRAN GLASS SHOW 2020  12-15 Feb 2020
The Int’l Exhibition of Logistics and Supply Chain & Related Industries Equipments
 Tehran International Tourism Exhibition  TOURISM
The Int’l Exhibition of  Hotel Services And Equipments
 Iran International Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Exhibition 21-24 Feb 2020
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