Here you will find about different ways of communication form / within Iran.

-For making international phone calls, you need to place 00 before the number


International Calls : It is normally available from hotels but you will be charged much higher than what it really costs. The other option is using prepaid cards which available with credits of 8,000 & 20,000 Rials at supermarkets and newspaper booths and should be used with public Tel. booths which can be found almost in all streets and are equipped to a card slot. By using these cards international calls will cost you 1,200 to 2,000 Rials per minute depending on the country you have dial. You can also refer to Telecom offices for an operator assisted call which costs almost the same. Another option which is sometimes cheaper is using internet tel. cards which will be possible by dialing a local number and then follow a computer assisted call entering the user ID and password printed on the card . It is usually cheaper than the other methods for the numbers in US and the west European countries. 

Long distance domestic calls (incl. mobile numbers) : Again you can dial form the hotel, which is expensive, But you have cheaper options like prepaid calls or telecom offices. 

Local calls : Again this can be more expensive if you dial from Hotel. You can use prepaid cards and any Iranian coin for making local calls from public Tel. booths. There are also some free Tel. booths in public places like Airports, Train station, bus terminals and hospitals. Some of the Tel. booths with card slots in these places are free for local calls. Local calls cost about 20 Rials per minute. 

There are currently two main mobile phone operators in Iran which offer pre-paid services for phone and GPRS internet: 

Iran Telecom (MCI)

MTN Irancell
Many international operators are roamed by Iranian operators and you may be able to use your foreign phone in Iran. 

Internet is a reliable way of communication from Iran and you can find internet cafes almost everywhere and at an acceptable bandwidth. It costs about 10,000 Rial per hour to be connected through an internet cafe. Many hotels also offer wifi internet connections. Access to some websites may be restricted in Iran. 

Again through hotel or telecom offices. 

Post offices can be also found easily and you can make your domestic/international posts at any of them using a variety of systems. You can find more information and trace your posts online at

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